Enough Payload Space in 2017's Dodge Challenger?

Comfort and luxury are so much sort after these day, even in cars that don’t seem premium. Having this in mind, Dodge came up with improved, cushioned, contoured passenger seats that deliver nothing short of the best results in their 2017 Challenger car family.

The company went on further to provide uncompromising leg room spaces at the back seats of what is considered a two-passenger seat car. Unlike similar cars, Dodge provides enough space for both the front and back passenger seats.

Now, considering that such spaces come with a well-performing engine leaves you wondering whether the trunk space is worth it. The Dodge Challenger is a well-balanced car with the front solely dedicated to the engine and the back for passenger seats and cargo space. As such, you can comfortably fit in your camping gear in the cargo area without worrying about a tow package.

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