Hydroplaning: Why It Happens And How To Avoid It

If you've ever been in a vehicle that hydroplaned, you know how terrifying it can be. Hydroplaning occurs when water builds up between the street and your tires. Hydroplaning isn't just a scary sensation; it's also dangerous as drivers can lose the ability to steer and stop.

Whenever it rains, motorists should be aware of the possibility of hydroplaning. Reducing speed by as little as five mph can be the difference that saves a life. It's also important to know that accelerating suddenly can cause your vehicle to hydroplane in rainy conditions.

Preventative maintenance can drastically reduce your chances of hydroplaning. Be sure to choose high-quality tires with treads designed to grip the road. Vehicles with tires that are rotated and balanced regularly are less likely to lose control in wet weather.

Safety comes first at Sam Leman Peoria. Stop by our service center, conveniently located in Peoria, IL, for all of your car care needs.

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