Family Centered Chrysler Pacifica Pairs Technology with Safety

Safety improves with advancements in technology, from the evolution of safety belts and airbags to cutting-edge driver assistance options The rate at which technologies are changing ensures that cars are smarter and safer than ever before.

Adaptive Cruise Control is one way that the new Chrysler Pacifica makes the road safer for drivers through a sophisticated array of sensors that read and process information in real time to adjust for variables on the road.

Using advanced sensing technologies like Lanesense, Parksense, Parking Assistance, and FCW active braking, the Pacifica delivers an actively safe driving experience for your family.

Technology advancements are hardly limited to safety as the Pacifica’s cabin is loaded with next-gen tech features. Keeping your children entertained on long road trips has never been easier with the Uconnect Theater and the 10.1-inch seatback-mounted high-definition touchscreens.

Come check out our high-tech Chrysler Pacifica lease deals and see how it compares to the Honda Odyssey at our Peoria, IL location. Understanding what advanced technologies can do for you and your family’s safety and comfort is important. We will give you all the details of any New Chrysler you’re interested in and make sure you are ready to decide.

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