Snow, Ice, Rain, and Quick Stops Are No Match For the Dodge Charger


If you’ve ever had your wheels lock up on you, then you know that it’s a scary feeling. But with the Dodge Charger, a popular performance sedan, whether you’re driving in snow, ice, or you just need to brake quickly, you won’t have to worry about it.

The Ready Alert braking system will activate when it thinks you might need to brake suddenly. You see, when you quickly take your foot off of the accelerator, it anticipates that you might be preparing to stop quickly. Also, if you’re driving in wet conditions and you turn the windshield wipers on, the Rain Brake Support will keep the brake pads from getting wet so that you can stop more easily.

If you want to learn about all the ways that the Dodge Charger can keep you and your passengers safe, come to Sam Leman Peoria, and you and a sales associate can take one for a test drive.

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