Informed Consumer: All-Wheel Drive & Four-Wheel Drive


You love your car, and you love learning about it, but sometimes some of the information that goes into your car can be overwhelming. Explanations about vehicles are met with words that aren’t common knowledge and can leave you feeling less informed than more so.

Learning the difference between all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive is simple, because the two intend to do the same thing. They just go about it in different ways. Both have a goal of helping you accelerate in rough spots of the road (or off), and aim to aid the driver in handling the vehicle.

Four-wheel drive is meant more for experienced drivers, who go off road with vehicles such as the Jeep Cherokee or Ram trucks. With 4-wheel drive, you send power to each wheel individually.

All-wheel drive is meant for everyday vehicles and everyday driving, aiding in driving through rough weather but on regular roads.

There’s much more to learn about the two, so visit Sam Leman Peoria today! Interested in off-road capability? Compare the RAM Rebel vs. Ford Raptor today.

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