Seasonal Maintenance Guide for Peoria Drivers

Our experienced service staff would like to inform drivers about the importance of seasonal maintenance and the impact that noncompliance has on their vehicle. We’ve heard about customers that ignored this vital task and suffered a breakdown in the middle of nowhere or a sudden issue developed with their vehicle. Let our expert team of technicians at our service center perform a check on your car to make sure that it is performing optimally.

Seasonal Maintenance

Let’s take a look at a few typical seasonal maintenance checks performed on your vehicle.

  • Battery – Our technicians test the battery charge
  • Tires – Check to make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Treads – Check tire treads or change to seasonal tires
  • Brakes – Check brake pads
  • Oil – Check oil and perform oil change

Don’t delay. Schedule an appointment today for a seasonal maintenance check at Sam Leman Peoria.

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