Tips on Avoiding a Multi-Car Pileup

  We’re not out of the cold season yet, and with news of the recent 65+ vehicle pileup in Minnesota and the over 100-car pileup in Texas, it’s even more important to practice winter driving safety tips. Pileups can happen quickly, especially when road conditions become slick and that’s evident when you look at the…

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Close up of hand holding oil dipstick

Regular oil changes help maintain your vehicle and keep everything in optimal condition, especially if you’re looking to keep up optimal mileage on the used market. but how often should you change your oil? In the past, experts recommended oil changes every 3,000 miles, but advances in oil and engine technology have extended that interval….

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Hydroplaning: Why It Happens And How To Avoid It


If you’ve ever been in a vehicle that hydroplaned, you know how terrifying it can be. Hydroplaning occurs when water builds up between the street and your tires. Hydroplaning isn’t just a scary sensation; it’s also dangerous as drivers can lose the ability to steer and stop. Whenever it rains, motorists should be aware of…

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How Does Tire Rotation Work?

Tire Rotation

Tires don’t last forever so you must take steps to reasonably extend their life. Tire rotations help the cause – and they’re simple enough that you can rotate tires yourself. Tires on the wheel axle that gains all the power from the engine become more prone to wear than the tires on the other wheel…

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Powertrain or Bumper-To-Bumper?


As a car owner, you understand how important routine maintenance is to the safety and durability of your car. One way to lower the cost of routine maintenance and repairs is to purchase a warranty, but what is the difference between a powertrain warranty and a bumper-to-bumper warranty? Listed below are some of the differences between these…

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Save money on oil change maintenance

Oil Change

When you buy a car, you consider many things and the options most popularly picked are the ones that save the driver money. From the gas mileage to the cost of the repair parts in the vehicle, the consumer is all about saving money and buying something that will last. A new development that saves…

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Seasonal Maintenance Guide for Peoria Drivers

Seasonal Maintenance

Our experienced service staff would like to inform drivers about the importance of seasonal maintenance and the impact that noncompliance has on their vehicle. We’ve heard about customers that ignored this vital task and suffered a breakdown in the middle of nowhere or a sudden issue developed with their vehicle. Let our expert team of…

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Keep Your Family Safe


It’s very important to get your vehicle maintained at our dealership, especially with the changing season. You want to make sure that you won’t run into problems down the road when you are on vacation or far from home. Getting your seasonal maintenance done may not prevent all breakdowns and repairs, but it will certainly…

Why do you need a tire rotation?


When you hear people talking about tire rotations, it has nothing to do with your tires spinning round and round. Tire rotation refers to moving tires around to different spots on your vehicle. Why is having regular tire rotations important? Here are some of the reasons. Your tires wear differently based on where they are…

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