Save money on oil change maintenance

Oil Change

When you buy a car, you consider many things and the options most popularly picked are the ones that save the driver money. From the gas mileage to the cost of the repair parts in the vehicle, the consumer is all about saving money and buying something that will last. A new development that saves…

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Winter Wiper Blades Keep Working

Wiper Blades

You are traveling down the road, and it starts to snow. You try to use your wipers to clear that snow away, but they just are not strong enough. What do you do now? You should set your car up with winter wiper blades to avoid getting into that kind of a situation. Winter wiper…

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Keep Your Family Safe


It’s very important to get your vehicle maintained at our dealership, especially with the changing season. You want to make sure that you won’t run into problems down the road when you are on vacation or far from home. Getting your seasonal maintenance done may not prevent all breakdowns and repairs, but it will certainly…

Why do you need a tire rotation?


When you hear people talking about tire rotations, it has nothing to do with your tires spinning round and round. Tire rotation refers to moving tires around to different spots on your vehicle. Why is having regular tire rotations important? Here are some of the reasons. Your tires wear differently based on where they are…

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